"Fundamental Urges & Essential Self"

"Our So-Called Enjoyment :"

"The four stages of life"

"As water gushes downwards" & "As months flow into and merge with years" -4, The final declaration of the teacher.

"Erasing the wrong patterns"----"In to thousand branches"-3.


"Every Saint has a Past; every Sinner a Future"-2.

"May I become Superior among the Rich"-1

"Unaffected by Adversity:"

"Intelligent, imperishable, undecaying am I": The final expression by Rshi Trisanku-5.

"Nirvana Shatkam"- "(By Adi Sankaracharya)"

"I am the Power and Wealth-4."

"High and Pure am I like the essence in the sun-3"

"My fame ( glory ) is high as the peaks of the mountains." -2.

"I am the stimulator of the tree of Universe"

"Golden Chord"- Natures Laws: Ends.

"Golden Chord-1"

"Sradhha-By Lord Krishna in Bhagavadgeeta"






"Bliss-essence ( Brahmananda Rasa)"


"Ignorance of mind-Ends."