Chapter 19 - Thought-Culture-1.

1. Introduction.

If a pebble in our boot torments us we expel it.

We take off the boot and shake it out.

Once the matter is fairly understood, it is just as easy to expel an intruding and obnoxious thought from the mind.

About this there ought to be no doubt, no two opinions.

The thing is obvious, clear and unmistakable.

It should be as easy to expel an obnoxious thought from your mind as it is to take a stone out of your shoe;

and till a man can do that, it is just nonsense to talk about his ascendency and conquest over nature.

He is a mere slave and prey to the bat-winged phantoms that flit through the corridor of his brain.

Pitiable, indeed, is the lot of these creatures!

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Swami Sivananda
To be continued  ....